Canyon Cutters

Sara Hideko

Canyon Cutters
  • Canyon Cutters
  • Canyon Cutters
  • Canyon Cutters
  • Canyon Cutters
  • $ 215.00

Perfectly webby Cloud Mountain turquoise like the lakes at the end of ends of rivers and streams. The wires leading to the stones were designed to mimic the wild and unusual paths that streams take as they cut through the canyons we've come to love. It gives these earrings length without adding weight. It's incredibly easy to feel disconnected from nature while we sit comfortably in our homes. I hope these help to keep you connected to the natural forces that have shaped our landscapes.
These earrings feature lever backs instead of hooks allowing you to wear with confidence (no more worrying about losing an earring while wearing a scarf or coat).
  • Natural Cloud Mountain turquoise
  • Measures ~2.5" inches long (with lever back), and the setting 5/8" across at it's widest point (on the rounder of the two stones)
  • Sterling silver lever back hooks
  • Handcut bezel
  • Antiqued patina
  • Back stamped with maker's mark 'Hideko' and 'Sterling'

Why are these priced like one of my rings? Just think- you get 2x the turquoise and 2x the silver for the price of one. It's difficult to find matched pairs this size so I feel extra lucky to have stumbled upon them!

If you have any questions or would like more pictures, please let me know!

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