Hard and Soft Two Stone Ring

Sara Hideko

Hard and Soft Two Stone Ring
  • Hard and Soft Two Stone Ring
  • Hard and Soft Two Stone Ring
  • $ 125.00

I often struggle with difficult or uncomfortable situations, trying to downplay them in my mind or make light of it. Try to make something harsh and angular into something more uniform and easy to digest. As I've grown up and become older, I have begun to understand the fine balance of harmony, of embracing the uncomfortable and appreciating comfort. Not to become too overwhelmed and disappear into my comfort zone. Growth occurs most when we are challenged, but too much at once becomes overbearing. This two stone ring was designed to play off this balance of hard and soft and how delicately they dance around one another. Simple yet impactful.

  • Features natural 7 Dwarfs and Royston turquoise
  • Fits a sz 5 comfortably but is a little adjustable
  • Triangle measures ~3/8" across at widest point and Royston oval 1/4"
  • Mirror finish
  • Back stamped with maker's mark "Hideko" and "Sterling"

If you would like more photos or have questions, please let me know!

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