Who is Sara Hideko?

Hi! I'm Sara, the lady silversmith behind Sara Hideko. My husband Dylan and I moved to the Navajo Nation reservation during the Summer of 2014 to begin working with the Navajo people. He as a pharmacist, me as a college science instructor teaching microbiology and anatomy and physiology. After living here for several months we were introduced to Teddy Draper Jr, a highly respected jeweler and painter, and visited his studio to order a custom bola tie and cuff. I continued to show up to visit Teddy and his wife Ophelia to see the pieces in various stages of construction and was secretly dying to learn. After continuing to visit long after our pieces were completed I asked if I could come learn how to make jewelry and to my surprise, they welcomed me into both the studio and their family. I am eternally grateful to Teddy and Ophie and my husband for their support and encouragement.

The jewelry I create is 100% handmade and each piece contains a little of me. I work hard to bring you high quality and long lasting pieces. Have an idea for a custom piece of jewelry? Let me know! I'd love to work with you.

Have questions about moving the reservation or where to visit in the 4 Corners? I'm happy to help.

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