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  • Video tutorial for how to use your Sara Hideko hair pins and hair sticks.

    Video tutorial for how to use your Sara Hideko hair pins and hair sticks.

    Hi everyone!

    After launching a new product line dedicated to hair accessories I wanted to share a few videos with you for how I envisioned the pieces being used. The hair sticks take some practice and the hair pins I designed are more decorative in nature and not super rigid to withstand twisting.

    Below is a quick video of how to use a hair stick to make a bun. It's the same concept as using a pen, pencil or chopstick but the twisted wire in my hairpins allows the stick to hold your hair longer and more securely so that you are not playing with it constantly!

    Briefly, pull your hair back like you would to put it in a ponytail. The twist at least once (I find this makes it easier to wrap around the wire). Place the hair stick under the twisted hair and turn clockwise until it no longer turns and the hair feels secure. You can then push the hair stick through the bun at a downward angle and it should hold the hair. ***This takes a bit of practice but once you have it down you are set!

    If you have longer hair than I do, there are many more options and YouTube is a great resource! I found so many good videos that I'm not even sure which one to share. Ha!


    For the hair pins, I would suggest first making a bun and securing it with bobby pins or however you typically secure your bun. You can then squeeze the prongs and gently push the pin in behind the bun next to the scalp. The waves are designed to help keep the pin in place and prevent it from falling out of your hair (that would be the worst...)! 


    If you have any questions, please let me know. I am happy to help!


  • May and June 2016 Custom Orders

    May and June 2016 Custom Orders

    Some of the custom ordered sterling silver and turquoise jewelry I have been working on over the last few months!


    Carico Lake stud earrings
    Bisbee quartz cuff
    Smokey Bisbee with quartz ribbon ring
    7 Dwarfs ring and pendant set
    Bisbee quartz pendant
    7 Dwarfs cuff and pendant
    7 Dwarfs Pendant with mirror finish
    7 Dwarfs triple wire cuff
    Chinese turquoise pendant
    New Lander ring with triple prong shank
    Orville Jack turquoise tufa cast cuff
  • Road trip to Zion and Grand Canyon

    My parents and sister drove down to southern Utah for the holiday weekend so we decided to join them for some sight seeing. We ended up seeing the Hermit overlooks at Grand Canyon (we cannot WAIT to hike this when it's cooler) and hiked up Angel's Landing in Zion. 

  • Seven Dwarfs Pendants

    We were lucky enough to visit with the mining family of the new Seven Dwarfs claim while in Tucson this past February. These pendants were completed shortly after hearing of the tragic passing of Desiree who sold us these incredible stones. 

    The individuals who now own these pieces are lucky to have them and each has a special place in my history, and the history of this mine.